copywriting-sample-personal-profileIn a business where scheduling, anticipating needs and trouble-shooting is everything, Kevin Wright is your man.  He is the fixer. He thrives on problems. Come to him with a problem or a deficiency of any kind, and watch him light up. And yet, the chances of you ever having to tell Kevin about a problem are slim to none. He had the answer before the thought formed in your brain to ask.  He time warped ahead and solved it before it happened because he is hardwired to please you. You would want someone like Kevin to accompany you to a wine tasting because he would sense, savor and weigh every nuance, then point you to the perfect buy. But, alas, Kevin is much too private a person for that. You’ll have to settle for the Kevin who takes care of your remodeling project, watching every move like the saucer eyed owl waiting for an unsuspecting wood mouse to slip up.