Hi, I’m Joseph Gilday.

I started SightLines because I wanted to work with a band of like-minded creative people to help business owners rev their online marketing engines and take off!

I arrived at my first marketing job with a background in theater, higher education, television production and cable news. All of this turned out to be incredibly useful when applied to marketing.

I spent 12 years as an in-house marketing director at at a residential design firm in Washington DC. I acquired a new set of skills that changed the way I think about marketing, and decided to take my show on the road. My specialty is online marketing. My special love: weaving words, images and evocative design into compelling content that engages and attracts.

Today, I help businesses achieve their online sales objectives by crafting brand expressive messaging that aligns with a well-researched SEO strategy—and by expanding web presence over time with strategic blogging and email. My blend of written word and SEO leverages my client’s understanding of who their customer is, what questions they are asking online, and what problems they are seeking solutions to. I position my clients to be the best possible answer and the most compelling solution for their ideal customer.

Joseph Gilday - SightLines Marketing


What SightLines Marketing Can Do for You

Make your website discoverable and fill it with irresistible content


Teach you to use attraction marketing to increase website visits and,
more importantly, leads that convert to sales.


Develop strategies that integrate web content, blogging, social media and email to build a body of life-time content assets for your business


Help you discover your niche or—if you’ve already found it—to own it entirely


Effective marketing in all of your written and visual communications online and off


inbound certified marketing strategist