Who thinks about marketing strategy while you run your business?

Business owners and small businesses may not have the luxury of an in-house marketing director to plan and consistently execute marketing initiatives.  Partnering with a full service agency may be more than you need. Still, you’ve got to have a marketing plan and someone to produce it. So you outsource. But who manages, directs and tracks all of that outsourced activity? Oh. You do. And you don’t have the time….

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a dedicated marketing advisor to talk to? Well, you can.

Offsite Marketing Director for Hire

As your offsite marketing director I can help you

  • Design and manage an integrated marketing strategy (online & offline) that supports your business goals
  • Manage your outsourced marketing activities and interpret analytics reports
  • Produce and execute portions of your marketing plan
  • Free you to focus on day to day business knowing that you’ve got an expert keeping a watchful eye on your marketing activities and reporting.

How It Works

Our work together begins with questions about everything relevant to your business success.


Who loves you? Let’s describe your perfect customer.
There are probably at least three versions of perfect.


The business objectives

What are the goals we want to achieve?


The investment

Why these goals are necessary to the growth or continued
success of the business, and why we are making a commitment
to invest in them.


The timeline required with benchmarks


Definition of success

How we will know when we are there


Marketing Strategy & Tactics

How an integrated set of tactics will be strategically
employed to achieve the business goals.



Website Visits | Lead conversions
Telephone Call Tracking | Email Opens & Clicks



What works? Why?
What doesn’t? Why?


Renew, revise, retire

If a tactic works, rinse and repeat.
If not modify, retry or retire it.

What You Get When You Hire Me

  1. An internet marketing specialist who knows how to organize a website and produce high quality SEO content that attracts search and engages visitors
  2. A bottom line obsessed copy-writer who knows how to research his audience, frame a story, craft persuasive sales copy, and adjust presentation style for online and offline communications
  3. A marketer with 10 years of experience in promotion, advertising, copywriting, web design, video and internet marketing
  4. A video producer and writer with four years combined at The Learning Channel (Discovery Communications) and All News Channel (Conus Communications)


inbound certified online marketing strategist