Can you answer ‘yes’ to these five questions?

  1. Got a website?  Great
  2. Optimized site attracts lots of visits?  Super
  3.  Artful page content engages those visitors?  Awesome
  4. Visitors so utterly convinced by your website content that they convert to sales-ready leads?  Fantastic!
  5. All of the above?  You are set!  Go forth and thrive.

No? It’s your lucky day. You’ve landed on the right website.

SightLines teaches businesses how to strengthen their online presence by activating their website so it attracts visitors, engages them when they arrive and invites them to take action. The website is constructed to be the home base of all your online endeavors (see content marketing) and a key lead generation tool.

Let’s talk about the nuts and bolts of well-made content.

Optimized Website Content

Every page of a website needs to radiate personality with content that says: this is who we are; this is what we believe in; this what we love dearly; this is what our clients think of us.

Why? Because the way your site is written helps searchers find you, hooks them when they do and makes them want to connect with you. Or not.

This is THE STUFF. The cornerstone content on your website tells your story in language that is engaging, keyword rich and substantive. All of your digital communications (blog posts, emails and social media shares) link back to this core content.

 Page Optimization

An optimized website ranks well in search and engages prospective customers. Website content optimization is a simple concept. Really simple: Listen for the words that your customers and potential customers use to describe your business. Note their questions. Research those questions and phrases online. Try them out in a search and see what comes up. Make a list. Pick the most valuable words and phrases. Those are your keywords, the keys that unlock the best answers to your customers’ questions. Use them on your website and blog.

Keywords Answer Key Questions

Like many concepts that are simple to understand, web page optimization requires more than understanding the idea. You have to be able to interpret those search statistics to develop a focused keyword strategy. Then you write. Every page of your website will contain substantial content artfully optimized for those key phrases and words. That means the story of your business is woven of words and phrases that give the best answers to questions people are asking online. The search engines want to deliver the most relevant and authoritative replies to those search queries.

Getting Personal

High quality search optimized website content is the foundation that holds up all of your online marketing initiatives. Well-written web content answers questions thoroughly and, while doing that, expresses the personality of your company. Make it personal because it IS personal.


inbound certified online marketing strategist